Herbal Gerbil Tea

Blends you won't find anywhere else!

A mission pursued by few!

A small business worth supporting.

Yerba Mate



Supporting Rural Communities that Provide for US!

Small, Simple, and Significant.

*96% of all farms and ranches are still owned by families

*11% of these owners have served in the military

When you support rural you support families, food producers, and veterans. No matter what you eat from a store or seller, a farmer or rancher has raised it for you; including this tea you drink!


The best infusers for a single serving of tea. No filaments are getting out into your cup through this fine mesh. A leaf design is available too.


My family has been in rural areas and agriculture for 5 generations.

My name is Kelcy Willyerd, the owner operator of Herbal Gerbil Tea. My husband, Landon Willyerd, and I are always trying to find ways we can maintain this family legacy. Landon is a Veteran. We have retired and active military family members as well. Herbal Gerbil Tea's mission is close to home for us and why we see the need in these communities.

A video on the realities of ranching and the challenges they face.