Our Why

Finding Purpose and Love

This company is about to mean everything to me, and I hope it will soon mean something to you. I have been searching, bounding, leaping trying to find a way to give back to the world. To be apart of something bigger than myself within a community of like-minded people who are hungry for change and kindness. 

People in this like-minded community desire to do the right things in life and take action.  Are we perfect? Heavens no. The standard is progression in love. We must love ourselves and we must love one another. That can be hard, but we are striving. Failure does not exist until you stop trying.


Fight the Good Fight 

I think our education system is a wonderful example of never accepting failure. They try, make mistakes, try again, reform, revise, and just keep pushing. Truly, it is the teachers and administrations that stoke the fire to always help kids burn brighter. Educational careers require a lot of persistence and care. These are special individuals who take on the burden of the educations we have received and our children will or are receiving. 

Let us not forget the beautiful children who make up these school systems. Kids deserve the best available teachers, food, supplies, programs, technology, etc. Too often rural schools are underfunded and cannot provide the best.  These schools labor by the sweat of their own brow to ensure a good education is still possible despite the lack of resources. It would bring such relief and joy to give these kids and teachers what they deserve. 


Commitment to a Community

Herbal Gerbil Tea, is committed to providing the needs of schools that cannot get the appropriate funding to elevate the kids' and teachers' experience. Education is critical to children's' mental, emotional, and often physical health. The neurological pathways created by learning are vitally important to the development of the brain; without these pathways achievement is stifled. Learning sets kids up for success because it teaches them to become functioning, thinking beings. Not purely by what is being taught, but through the act of learning.

When discussions of underfunded schools come up, more often than not inner-city schools are at the top of the list. The little guy tends to be forgotten. The underdogs in this scenario are rural schools. Rural schools often get their funding cut first. Out of sight and out of mind is a phrase that could describe how rural schools are often treated. Teachers, school board members, and parents fight to do what they can and provide a good education for those kiddos. 

This Collective Effort Needs You

Our, Herbal Gerbil Tea, community is jumping in on the fight as well! We will do this by providing rural schools with a specific kind of support decided by the ones who know their needs best, teachers and board members. You are the one giving this beautiful gift to the rural schools of America. Thank you for your warm and kind heart. 

Herbal Gerbil Tea hopes the tea you purchase is warming you with happy fuzzy feelings as much as you are warming our hearts and the rural schools!



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